About Me

Hello and welcome to my website – thank you so much for stopping by! I’m the author of five novels – the latest is A Daughter’s Secret. When I’m not writing, I moonlight as a TV Drama executive – I’ve worked on all kinds of shows from Rome to Being Human over the years. In my dim and distant past I was a TV publicist: I was sent to Paris with Dean Gaffney for EastEnders and had to take notorious gangster Mad Frankie Fraser to a press launch.

Once I’d made into drama, I found that, whilst I loved it, working with brilliant writers made me want to try my hand at it myself. I secretly took off on an Arvon Course (I highly recommend signing up for a course if you want to write – I stared at a blank page for a long time before that week gave me wings). I started writing my first novel, Stick Or Twist – I was lucky enough to get an agent when I’d written a chunk and now I knew I had to finish it. Penguin bought it, and I was away.

I still live in North London, where I grew up, but I travel frequently to the US for work and lived in LA for a sunny spell in 2011. You can find out a bit more about my American adventures in the blog section.

You’ll find more information about me and my books on the rest of the site. You can also find me on Twitter (eleanorkmoran), Facebook (Eleanor Moran Books) and Pinterest (eleanorkmoran). Hopefully it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship…