Things I Like

Here are a few of my favourite things - novels and TV shows and films plus a Ted talk that changed my life! You can find lots more of my favourite things over on Pinterest where I’m Eleanorkmoran.

Bits and Bobs

The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing – A sweet, funny collection of interlocking short stories about a young woman unravelling life and love in New York city. Her second book, The Wonder Spot, is also fabulous.

Where’d You Go Bernadette – Bernadette is one of the most gloriously eccentric heroines you’ll ever hope to meet.

The Good Wife – Six series in and it’s still fabulous.

Mad Men – There aren’t many shows where I’ve watched every episode. This is one of them.

You Can Count On Me (film) – A fantastic bittersweet comedy about a brother and sister who lose their parents in a car crash. We meet them when they’re thrown back together in adulthood, both as dysfunctional as the other, in completely different ways. Great script, great performances.

The Kids Are Alright – Annette Bening singing Joni Mitchell is one of the most toe curling moments in movie history. She deserved every one of the many awards she got.

Brene Brown’s Ted talk on Vulnerability – I love this. There’s a reason it got 11 million hits.

Parks and Recreation – I just want Amy Poehler to be my best friend.

Steering By Starlight – A Step-by-step Guide to Fulfilling Your True Potential: How to Fulfil Your Destiny, No Matter What


A series of blog posts on my favourite films.


A series of blog posts on my favourite books.

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A series of blog posts on my favourite music.

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